May 03 - Adam’s interview with Interview Magazine
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COLLEEN KELSEY: When we first meet your character, he’s defined as this guy who wears message t-shirts that say things like “Pizza Slut” or “Epic Fail” and is obsessed with quoting movies like The Big Lebowski. What did you think about Tim when you first read the script?

ADAM BRODY: It was fun to not have to try to be cool in the slightest. I like his lack of pretense. I think he’s a sweet caring guy but he’s not overly concerned with what people think about him, or the fashions of the day, or what have you. He doesn’t have that many inhibitions. It was fun to do that.

KELSEY: It seems like those little quirks about him are something that Paige is initially repelled by, but then they end up charming her.

BRODY: That’s fair. I think Paige is a stylish individual and I just think, perhaps she wonders if they have enough in common. “These things kind of annoy me, are there other things?” [laughs] You know, is there enough to compensate? Obviously, as it turns out, there is. I don’t even think those are necessarily superficial things that she’s worried about… I mean, maybe a little. All those things make up a person and if you’re going to spend your life with them, you want to have enough in common. Obviously it’s not the most important thing if it’s fashion, but you gotta talk about stuff all day long, so hopefully you have some common ground.

May 03 - Adam’s interview with GQ
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GQ: What’s the trick to becoming the Life Partner that your girlfriend’s friends love too?
Adam Brody: I guess tread lightly—to be honest, I haven’t had so much of a confrontational situation like that in my life, and ideally you wouldn’t. Even in Life Partners, it’s not really Tim’s thing to do. You can be as sensitive as you can, but it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Ideally you’re not adversaries; it’s a collaboration of loving this person, that you both love and want the best for. Obviously, if she likes both of you, then you’ll probably like each other as well. You don’t want to, like, totally rip someone out of the clutches of their best friend. And at the same time, we all have a right to want the time we want and require.

What should you never, under any circumstances, do at a wedding?
As a guest at a wedding, what should you never do? Fuck if I know. Try not to humblebrag too much in your speech, I guess. Don’t get, I don’t know…get hammered, who cares?

Choose a superpower.
I would like to read super, super fast. Like, Good Will Hunting is how I would like to read.

Jan 28 - Adam Brody Talks Being Trapped With Jean-Claude Van Damme In ‘Welcome To The Jungle’
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Adam Brody visits Access Hollywood Live to talk about his new office-retreat-gone-wrong comedy, “Welcome to the Jungle.” What was it like working with Jean-Claude Van Damme?

Sep 16 - Next Movie: Questions and Answers With Adam Brody
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Here is Adam’s interview with Next Movie.

We caught up with Brody in New York City ahead of the release of “Lovelace” and got him to dish on porn, life after “The O.C.” and what makes him cry.

What was the most surprising part of “Lovelace” for you?
Well, I knew nothing about it really. I was coming onto it completely clean. I’m familiar with the documentary “Inside Deep Throat,” but that doesn’t really go into Linda’s story. I think it barely touches on it, but it’s not really what I remember so much as the censorship stuff that took place after the film. Obviously the shocking, brutal stuff in it is her relationship with her husband. But I didn’t have even preconceived notions, so I can’t say anything threw me.

What did you learn from the experience?
No new skills, but it was nice to inhabit a place and time—a very specific place and time in our history. It feels relevant today. Sex is always relevant, especially at this time and this specific intersection of sex and fame and the mainstreaming of pornography. That’s the backdrop and the main thing obviously is a story of abuse and victimization and that’s relevant too. Hopefully we’ve made some strides and it’s less rampant. Fortunately or not, my part was more just good fun and we have some of the sweeter, goofier stuff. It wasn’t a harrowing experience for me.

Feb 14 - Cast Of ‘Burning Love’ Teaches You The Art Of The Pick-Up
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Love ain’t easy, but when you ask the hilarious cast of “Burning Love” about the subject, it all seems like a breeze. MTV News’ Josh Horowitz stopped by the season two set of the “Bachelor” spoof to find out what the handsome guys of the cast know about the subtle art of seduction.

On the latest episode of After Hours, Adam Brody, Adam Scott, Rob Huebel, and more share their secrets of how to connect with women folk on a sensual level. They cover topics that range from elevator seduction, blood work, and physically lifting your date.

Feb 06 - Videos of Adam from the 2013 Sundance Film Festival
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Here are some videos of Adam from the 2013 Sundance Film Festival.

Sep 18 - THR – Adam Brody on the ‘The Oranges’
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Adam Brody gives us his take on May December romances and what it was like to work with the all-star cast in The Oranges.

Aug 13 - Adam at the 8th Annual HollyShorts Film Festival Opening Night Celebration!
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Photos of Adam at the 8th Annual HollyShorts Film Festival Opening Night Celebration have been added to the gallery. Love that his hair has finally grown out a bit!

- Appearances > 2012 > 8th Annual HollyShorts Film Festival – Opening Night Celebration – Arrivals

And a few videos from the red carpet…

Jun 01 - Adam on the Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show
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Adam was recently on his Cop Out co-star’s, Kevin Pollak, chat show. Check out the interview below!

This fella is one-a them big shot actor types. Mr Mrs. Smith, The O.C., plenty of other stuff. He’ll fill you in during show, which you?ll watch if ya know what?s good for ya!

May 08 - GQ: The Original Adam Brody
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GQ has finally posted photos of Adam’s spread from the May issue on their site. Check out the photos in the gallery.

Seth Cohen, the character Adam Brody played on the TV soap The O.C., transformed the concept of the teenage hero-hunk into something earthbound and relatable. Seth was snarky, vulnerable, and mordantly optimistic in a way that a generation of boyish men have been aping ever since. And at 32, the actor still fits the bill, geeking out about an upcoming role alongside Jean-Claude Van Damme (“I mean, JCVD!!!”) and foot fashion (“I am obsessed with no socks!”). His slow build of a movie career fires up with six films in 2012, including the tragicomedy Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, in which Steve Carell confronts the mundanity of the Apocalypse. What would Brody do if he found himself staring down the End Times? “Heroin? It appeals to me more than, like, skydiving. Maybe doing heroin while skydiving?” Or—IDEA TIME!—how about an O.C. reunion movie, à la Saved by the Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas? “Sure. That’d be funny. Put that.” Oral contract, Brody. Consider this shit notarized.

Source: GQ

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